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Our bioidentical hormone medications are compounded using hormones that are derived from diosgenin extracted from plants, such as yams and soy.  The extracted diosgenin is chemically modified to yield the precursor progesterone, which, in turn, is used to synthesize bioidentical estrogens and androgens.  This process produces hormones that are indistinguishable by the human body from the hormones it naturally produces (i.e., endogenous hormones).  As a result, the hormones contained in our bioidentical hormone medications are able to bond with human hormone receptors in the exact same manner as endogenous hormones, which is important for the safety and efficacy of the medication. 

At Carie Boyd, we supply healthcare providers with compounded bioidentical hormone medications.  We have spent years refining our formulations as well as our manufacturing and compounding processes so that healthcare providers are able to treat conditions that cause hormone deficiencies with precision, certainty, and confidence.

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