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Hormone Creams

Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals is pleased to present compounded creams and topicals for hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Hormone creams are a form of hormone therapy and could be prescribed by healthcare providers to supplement or replace hormones and ease symptoms related to hormonal imbalances.

Carie Boyd's Hormone Topicals

  • Tailored Formulations: Our creams and topicals are designed to address a variety of hormonal imbalances, providing a comprehensive treatment approach.
  • Quality Ingredients: We prioritize safety and efficacy, using only high-quality ingredients in our formulations.
  • Expert Consultations: Our team of experienced pharmacists is available for consultations, offering additional support and guidance to healthcare providers.
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Carie Boyd are a state-of-the-art, FDA registered 503B outsourcing facility that provides healthcare practitioners, clinics, hospitals, group purchasing organizations, and other provider networks with the highest-quality manufactured medications. As an Outsourcing Facility, we are able to dispense these products to qualified practitioners and facilities without patient names. We also have a 503A compounding pharmacy, which gives us the unique ability to provide our healthcare partners and their patients with nearly any custom manufactured or compounded medication they need.