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Hormone Pellets

Hormone Pellets

We are one of the nation’s leading suppliers of compounded hormone pellets. We grew from a small facility that hand pressed each pellet into a state-of-the art operation that was the first to automate the pellet-compounding process. Today, healthcare providers choose our pellets because of their:

What Makes Our Pellets Different?

Exceptional Potency: Our pellets, on average, have less than a 1.5% potency variance, which is well below the 10% permitted by many compounders. We know that precision dosing, particularly with respect to hormones, is important for patient outcomes. We therefore implemented industry-leading compounding standards that allow us to produce more precisely compounded pellets.

Enhanced Absorption: Our hormone pellets are compounded pursuant to certain physical specifications that appear to enhance absorption and reduce extrusions. Pellets often extrude because the body has difficulty absorbing them. With fewer than 0.001% of our pellets reported as having extruded each year (an amount that is well below the extrusion rates reported in relevant studies), the absorption rate of our pellets appears to be significantly higher than industry standards.

Ingredients: Our pellets contain bioidentical hormones that are derived from plants. That means the body identifies the hormones in our pellets as the same as those hormones it naturally produces. The only ingredient in our pellets other than the hormone is a small amount of stearic acid that binds the hormone together in a pellet form. Our pellets do not provide prolonged exposure to things like steroids or other binding agents that have been questioned by the relevant medical literature. Instead, our pellets are almost exclusively pure bioidentical hormones.

Glass Vials: Our pellets are packaged in glass vials and tested for airtight container closure. Other 503B compounders use plastic vials that present unknown product contamination risks, glass ampules that introduce glass shards into the pelleting procedure, or blister packs that increase the incidence of pellet breakage during procedures. Glass vials are, in our opinion, the highest grade containers for pellets.

Consistent Supply: Have you ever had difficulty filling an order for pellets or has your supplier gone on backorder? Not if you have been ordering pellets from Carie Boyd! We have ample inventory to service all of our customer’s needs!

Customer Satisfaction: Are our pellets the best on the market? Don’t take our word for it, ask our customers! Our customers report overwhelmingly exceptional outcomes for their patients.

Free Shipping: We offer our customers free 2-day shipping on all of their orders!

Partner with Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals today and gain access to our expertise in men’s and women’s health. Our team of experienced pharmacists can provide consultations and guidance on hormone pellets and a wide range of compounded products.

Transform hormone replacement therapy with our hormone pellets – delivering excellence, precision, and peace of mind.

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Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals is a state-of-the-art, FDA registered 503B outsourcing facility that provides healthcare practitioners, clinics, hospitals, group purchasing organizations, and other provider networks with the highest-quality manufactured medications. As an Outsourcing Facility, we are able to dispense these products to qualified practitioners and facilities without patient names. We also have a 503A compounding pharmacy, which gives us the unique ability to provide our healthcare partners and their patients with nearly any custom manufactured or compounded medication they need.