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Our products are made pursuant to industry-leading standards that exceed the requirements established by the FDA and other regulatory bodies. [more]


Our Customer Service Department has pharmacists and trained representatives available by phone and email to make sure we exceed your expectations. [more]


We have a team dedicated to researching and developing new products so we can provide you and your patients with the highest quality, cutting-edge medications. [more]

Hormone Pellets

Carie Boyd, one of the nation’s leading suppliers of implantable bioidentical hormone pellets, provides healthcare providers with the highest-quality pellets available on the market. Our pellets have the most precise potency in the industry and have been designed to optimize absorption in the body.

We test every batch of our pellets for potency, sterility, and endotoxins to provide your patients with the best medication available. We have a team of pharmacists who are experts in the field of hormones and are available for consultations.[more]

LET Gel -
180 Days BUD!

Carie Boyd is pleased to announce new LET Gel with 180 days BUD.

Painful procedures, such as venipuncture, intravenous cannulation, intramuscular injection, laceration repair, and lumbar puncture are common in pediatrics and cause distress to children and their caretakers. Local anesthetics can be injected; however, topical analgesics can be applied without needles and can reduce the need for physical and chemical restraints.

Our LET Gel is dispensed in 3mL unit-dose amber syringes and can be stored at room temperature. Sold in a convenient, light resistant zip bag that contains 10 syringes.

LET Gel BUD 180 days
LET Gel 180 days BUD

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