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Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals is proud to announce the relaunch of our Testosterone Cypionate/Propionate Injection. This blend, a fusion of long-lasting and fast-acting testosterone compounds, has been developed with precision and expertise. It’s designed to address the therapeutic challenges posed by testosterone deficiencies, offering a reliable solution for healthcare providers.

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Key Features:

Our blend provides 200mg of Testosterone Cypionate and 10 mg of Testosterone Propionate in each mL, striking a balance in testosterone therapy. The dual-action formula ensures both immediate onset and prolonged therapeutic effects, catering to diverse patient needs.

Consistent with our commitment to quality, this product incorporates MIGLYOL® 812N, an FDA-approved, pharmaceutical-grade excipient. It guarantees stability against oxidation and promotes efficient fat metabolism. Importantly, it’s free from nut allergens, safeguarding patient well-being.

Testosterone cypionate is a slow-acting testosterone ester that we compound in a medium chain triglyceride oil-base to create an injectable hormone replacement medication.  The cypionate ester absorbs more slowly than other forms of testosterone, giving each injection a longer therapeutic action.  In addition, the oil-based excipient is a compatible solubilizing base that helps make the compound uniform and ideal for depot injection.  Because of the longer acting nature of cypionate and the oil excipient helping to slow the release of the active ingredient, patients are expected to require less frequent administration of our testosterone cypionate compound. 

We are also one of the only compounders that offers a testosterone cypionate and testosterone propionate combination injection.  Like our testosterone cypionate compound, this combination compound is compounded in a medium chain triglyceride oil-base. It contains two active ingredients, testosterone cypionate and testosterone propionate, and an oil excipient.  The propionate ester of testosterone has a more rapid absorption compared to the cypionate ester because of its more hydrophilic nature.  By combining these two esters in one compound, patients are expected to have a more immediate increase in testosterone from the propionate ester that is then sustained over a longer period of time due to the cypionate ester.  This combination compound is designed to help provide tighter control over patients’ hormone levels by smoothing out any peaks and valleys that might otherwise occur. 

Both forms of our testosterone injections are compounded in miglyol oil.  Healthcare providers report preferring this oil because of: 

  • its naturally occurring anti-inflammatory properties;
  • its low reactivity rates; and
  • the limited discomfort it creates during the injection.

Historically, testosterone injections have been compounded in grapeseed oil, but with a lack of pharmaceutical-grade options, regulations prohibit its use in any compounded products.  

How to Use:
The realm of hormone replacement therapy can be intricate. This blend, with its dual-action, is typically administered to patients every 1-2 weeks. However, individualized dosing is essential, considering the unique needs of each patient. We encourage healthcare providers to reach out to our team of specialists for guidance on dosing and administration.

Safe Storage:
Maintain the efficacy of the injection by storing vials at room temperature and protecting them from light.

Ordering Information:
Elevate your practice’s offerings with Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals. To purchase our Testosterone Cypionate + Testosterone Propionate Injection, enroll today by clicking here. For inquiries or support, our customer care team is ready at (817) 282-9376 or [email protected]. Additionally, our pharmacists and scientists are on standby for in-depth consultations.

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