Surgery Centers

Surgery Centers

Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals

Proven Results, Giving You the Confidence, Your Patients Need

Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals is dedicated to serving the unique needs of surgery centers across the United States, including plastic surgery and oral surgery centers. We offer a comprehensive range of office use and personalized prescription medications that cater specifically to your requirements, ensuring optimal patient care and exceptional surgical outcomes.

As a trusted provider of compounded medications and supplements, Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals understands the critical nature of surgery centers and the importance of having reliable access to top-quality products. We work closely with centers just like yours to ensure our inventory is stocked with the essential supplies you need for various procedures.

Our products include anesthetic injections, topical anesthetics, skin-lightening creams, and anti-fungal creams. These products are meticulously formulated and rigorously tested to meet the highest quality and efficacy standards, providing surgeons and medical professionals with the confidence they need to deliver exceptional care.

In surgical procedures, precise pain management is crucial for patient comfort and successful outcomes. That’s why Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals offers anesthetic injections such as Lidocaine, Lidocaine with Epinephrine, and Sodium Bicarbonate. These injections are designed to ensure effective pain relief during surgical procedures, facilitating smooth and comfortable patient experiences.

In addition to anesthetic injections, we also provide a wide range of topical anesthetics, including LET gel, BLT cream, and gel, as well as dental gels. These formulations are specifically developed to alleviate discomfort and reduce pain, enabling surgeons to perform procedures precisely while ensuring patient comfort.
Furthermore, Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals understands the importance of specialized products for surgical centers, such as skin-lightening creams like Hydroquinone. These creams are meticulously formulated to address specific needs, helping patients confidently achieve their desired aesthetic outcomes.

We also offer anti-fungal creams such as Ketoconazole to support post-surgical care and prevent infections. Our commitment to delivering high-quality products means you can trust our formulations to provide effective treatment and promote optimal healing.

Partnering with Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals means gaining access to a reliable source of products tailored to the unique needs of surgery centers. Our dedication to exceptional quality and our commitment to reliable service has earned us the trust of surgery centers nationwide.

Choose Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals as your trusted partner in meeting your medication needs. Contact us today to discuss how we can support your surgery center and ensure the best possible outcomes for your patients.

Contact us today to discuss how Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals can support your surgery center. Let us provide high-quality office use (503B) and customized prescription medications and supplements (503A) essential for optimal surgical care. Experience the Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals’ difference in delivering exceptional patient outcomes.


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