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Dental Anesthetic Gel (Profound Gel)

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Dye Free Dental Anesthetic Gel (Profound Gel) 10% Prilocaine, 10% Lidocaine, 4% Tetracaine, 30g jar. Commonly used for pre-injection numbing. Available in mint and strawberry flavors.

Our dye free dental gel (oral anesthetic) contains a combination of lidocaine, prilocaine, and tetracaine:

  • Prilocaine- 10%
  • Lidocaine -10%
  • Tetracaine – 4%

This dental gel is most commonly used as an alternative to local anesthetic injectable solutions or for pre-injection numbing for scaling and root planting, soft tissue and palatal procedures, placement of orthodontic Temporary Anchorage Devices, taking impression or intra-oral radiographs, and other similar procedures.

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