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LET Gel Topical Anesthetic

We want to help you make your patients feel more comfortable whenever they come to see you. Nobody likes getting stitches and our goal is to help make the experience a little less scary.

LET Gel Topical Anesthetic – Lidocaine 4% / Epinephrine 0.18% / Tetracaine 0.5% – 3mL syringes – 180 Days BUD.

LET Topical Gel is a numbing gel applied to open wounds prior to suturing.

LET Gel is used in emergency departments, clinics, urgent care centers, and pediatric centers. It has been shown to be a superior method of numbing traumatized tissue and aiding in controlling bleeding.

Skin lacerations are a common cause of trips to the emergency department, accounting for over 8% of all visits. LEN numbing gel is a preferred anesthetic option for needle-phobic patients, as it allows for topical application without the need for further injectable anesthetics.

Our LET Gel is dispensed in 3mL unit-dose amber syringes, can be stored at room temperature, and is sold in a convenient, light resistant zip bag that contains 10 syringes.

We only offer LET Topical Gel to hospital emergency departments, urgent care centers, pediatrician offices, and other qualified health care providers.

Visit our LET Gel page to learn more.