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503A Veterinary Solutions

Compounded Veterinary Medications

Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals, embracing the expertise formerly found in our sister company Denton Prescription Shop, delivers a comprehensive range of medications for your furry, feathery, and scaly patients. We stand ready to compound custom formulations to address specific veterinary needs.

Why choose a 503A Compounder for veterinary medications? The reasons are manifold, and our seasoned compounders are prepared to assist and collaborate on your unique requirements. Compounding is the solution when there is a necessity:

  • To alter the route of administration for a medication
  • To combine two or more medications
  • To modify or tailor the strength of a medication
  • To devise a new medication or reproduce a medication that is no longer available commercially

To explore more about partnering with a 503A compounding pharmacy and to start ordering today, visit our Veterinary Medications page.

At Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals we are ready to work with you, reinforcing our commitment to quality, service, and innovation in the care of all your animal patients.