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Terms of Purchase

By checking the box to indicate that you agree to the following Terms of Purchase, you are acknowledging and agreeing that:

  1. You have the requisite licensing and other certifications necessary to order manufactured or compounded products (“Products”) from Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals (“Carie Boyd”) in accordance with all applicable laws.
  2. All of the Products you are purchasing produce a clinical difference for your patient(s) compared to those medications that are commercially available.
  3. You have made a determination that the Products, rather than any commercially available medications, are necessary for your patient(s) based on your clinical judgment as a medical professional.
  4. You will advise patients to contact you directly in the event that they experience any adverse reaction to any of the Products.
  5. You will immediately advise Carie Boyd in the event that any patient experiences any adverse reaction to any of the Products and you will identify the patient(s), lot number(s), and BUD(s) of the administered medication(s) to Carie Boyd.