LET Gel topical anesthetic, 3mL syringe, 10 syringes/pack

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LET Gel topical anesthetic  – Lidocaine 4% / Epinephrine 0.18% / Tetracaine 0.5% – 3mL syringe. Our LET Gel is dispensed in convenient 3mL unit-dose amber syringes and can be stored at room temperature. Sold in a convenient, light resistant zip bag that contains 10 syringes.

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LET Gel Topical Anesthetic


LET Gel is a topical anesthetic consisting of lidocaine, epinephrine, and tetracaine which is commonly applied to open wounds prior to suturing. Our LET Gel is dispensed in convenient 3mL unit-dose amber syringes.


Lidocaine 4%

Lidocaine blocks sodium channels which, when applied to skin, prevents local neurons from signaling the brain, blocking the pain response.  Onset of numbing is within 4 minutes.

Epinephrine 0.18%

Epinephrine works as a vasoconstrictor in the superficial tissue bed to assist in control of superficial bleeding and helps to slow systemic absorption of the active ingredients, prolonging the maintenance of an active tissue concentration.

Tetracaine  0.5%

Tetracaine is a longer acting anesthetic that functions by altering the function of ryanodine receptors that control the distribution of intracellular calcium, blocking the pain response.

How Supplied

Unit Dose amber syringes for topical use, 3 mL per syringe

Storage Information

Store LET Gel at room temperature 25 degrees Celsius in original container until beyond use dating.

Additional information


3mL syringe

Preparation Type



Topical Gel


90 Days


Room Temperature

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