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Carie Boyd is one of the nation’s largest suppliers of compounded bioidentical hormone pellets. For qualified providers, we offer hormone pellets for bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT). We currently manufacture testosterone, estradiol, and testosterone with anastrozole pellets. 

What Makes Our Pellets Different?

  • Less than 1.5% average potency variance
  • Uniquely designed to help optimize absorption
  • Independently tested (results made available to customers)
  • Sterilized using electronic beam irradiation

Using our proprietary manufacturing process, we can achieve less than 1.5% average potency variance, which is better than regulatory standards. Why does that matter? Having lower potency variance allows a medical provider to administer a more precise dosage for patients and give them the best possible care.

Our pellets are also bioidentical, which means that they are structurally indistinguishable from endogenous hormones (hormones naturally produced in the body). They are engineered to optimize absorption and minimize breakage.

Every batch of hormones is tested for potency, sterility, and endotoxins to provide your patients with the best possible therapy. Our team of pharmacists are experts in men and women’s health and are available to consult with medical providers on not only hormone pellets but a wide variety of compounded products.

Call us at (817) 282-9376  for more information.

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