A4M Longevity Fest 2023

Get ready to level up your healthcare game at Longevity Fest 2023, the go-to event for expanding patient health and vitality. Carie Boyd Pharmaceuticals will showcase our exceptional compounded medications that empower healthcare providers to grow their practice, diversify revenue streams, and introduce innovative treatments.

Visit us at booth #6079

Feeling Lucky?

Take a peek at our premium product lineup, with special spotlights on our star players:
  • Dive into our versatile Hormone Therapies, offered in both pellet and injection options.
  • Unlock the power of BLT Cream, your go-to for cutting-edge topical anesthesia.
  • Explore our comprehensive product range for office-use medications (503B) and custom prescriptions (503A). Request our product catalog here.

Beyond our highlighted medications, we’ll also bring an array of additional solutions to A4M Longevity Fest this year. With them, we strive to give healthcare providers comprehensive tools to expand the treatments they are able to offer their patients. Our Bioidentical Hormones provides various alternative treatments for hormone therapy, while our Weight Loss medication is designed to aid in effective weight management. For both Men’s and Women’s Wellness, we will showcase various treatments aimed at addressing specific health and wellness needs. Don’t overlook our Hair Regrowth therapies for men and women- another example of how we prioritize pharmaceutical compounding innovation. Visit us at Booth #6079 to explore these and other medications crafted to integrate into your practice and elevate the quality of patient care.

Whether you’re a wellness doc, an OB/GYN, or someone who just loves a good compound (hey, we don’t judge!), our offerings are the real deal to boost your practice. It’s a safe bet to say partnering with us is like hitting the healthcare jackpot.

So, put on those glittery Vegas shoes, and let’s make some magic together at Longevity Fest 2023. 

What happens at our booth… leads to incredible healthcare outcomes!

Vegas Jackpot Bonus

Going to the A4M’s Longevity Fest in Vegas? Pre-register with us today and get a “GOT PELLETS” T-shirt when you come and visit booth # 6079.

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See You at Our Booth # 6079